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Unlock your full fitness potential with me as your personal trainer. Experience the power of custom workout programs designed to challenge and inspire you, propelling you towards your goals and transforming your body along the way. Let's embark on this transformative fitness journey together.


Transform Your Workout Journey with Expert Guidance

in your pocket

A Personal Trainer

With my custom workout  programs, you have access to world-class training right at your fingertips.  Stay focused on your fitness goals with a program just like those I write for my 1:1 clients. I've created customized workouts that will challenge and inspire you, helping you achieve results you never thought possible.


Take your workouts with you wherever you go and never miss a beat in your fitness journey. So what are you waiting for? Let's get moving towards a healthier, happier you.

for every movement

Instructional videos

Included in both the gym and home programs are instructional videos for every single exercise. You'll get clear and concise guidance on proper form and technique, which is essential for injury prevention and optimal results. Plus, modifications so people at all levels of fitness can join. All can be easily accessed from anywhere, making it more convenient to work out on your own schedule and at your own pace, without ever sacrificing the quality of your workout.

Kalen Norton

Fitness Trainer, Strength Coach, Founder

As the Founder and CEO of KatoTrainMePlease, I've been a Personal Trainer for over 12 years. I am also an Actor, Model,  Calisthenics Heavyweight Champion, Motivator and a Freelance Front-End Web Developer. With an emphasis on mental, physical, and metaphysic training, the combination of all three sum to human improvement, mental/physical strength, enlightenment and inner peace.


At the age of 41, I ran my first marathon - the New York marathon. It was one of  the best days of my life and taught me so much. Firstly, your mind is what pushes you and also what holds you back. I also realized, the strength of my body got me over the line. My legs hurt like crazy and felt like lead, but my core strength was able to carry me through. I wanted to help others so joined the team at the charity I ran for, Every Mother Counts ,as their strength trainer for runners.

 A strong mind and a strong body is key.

Carlo Libaridian, NY

This is not just "a trainer." Kato will make you look and feel better as you go through your day and your LIFE!

Kara Young, NY

"I was a model for 25 years I’ve had a dozen trainers but never one so committed , so effective and so sensitive to my own fitness goals."

Jay Miriam, NY

"Love Kato's workouts. I signed up after having a baby. After a year of consistent work-outs was able to lose the baby weight and strengthen my core."

100 Days to Summer

Don't wait until summer to start working on your fitness goals. Sign up now to feel confident and healthy all season long. 


This program is designed to be challenging yet achievable, with a variety of workouts to keep you motivated and engaged. From bodyweight training and cardio, to gym workouts using barbells and weights, we've got everything you need to transform your body and your mindset.


100 Days to Summer is suitable for all fitness levels, whether you're a beginner or an experienced fitness enthusiast. We provide modifications for every exercise so that you can tailor the workouts to your fitness level and move forward at your own pace. No matter what your fitness level is, our program is perfect for anyone looking to make a change.


Not only will you see physical changes, but you'll also experience an increase in energy and confidence.  Whether you're looking to lose weight, build muscle, or simply tone up, follow  this program through until the end, and get ready for the summer of a lifetime! Let's do this!

100 Days is not a quick fix. It's making fitness a habit!




Each program gives you a day by day breakdown of the workouts with videos to show you how to perform each move safely and with maximum impact. I'll check in on you regularly and nudge you if I see you've been skipping days.



100 days of commitment.

100% focus as you workout.

For home workouts you just need some space and at the gym, access to your phone and gym equipment.  A great attitude and a good sense of humor also helps. Working out with me will be fun! 



These programs focus on strength training. The results you will see won't only be physical results. Strength training slows age-related issues such as osteoporosis and muscle loss. It reduces injury, improves joint health and increases  confidence. 

Get fit, have fun, and make this summer your strongest yet

Don't wait until summer to start working on your fitness goals. Sign up now to feel confident and healthy all season long. 

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