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Updated: Dec 23, 2022

101 Sit Ups every day until the end of March 💥

Want to strengthen and tone your abs? Join my sit up challenge and get results. You might also get lucky and win a prize!

When you do sit ups you are using your body weight to strengthen and tone your core-stabilizing abdominal muscles. And let's face it, doesn't everyone want great abs?

From now until March 31, join my 23 Day Sit Up Challenge and I guarantee you will see results. Not only will you end up with great abs, but by joining the challenge you can also win a sweet prize, AND be a part of my squad, always inspiring and cheering each other on. All you need to do is follow these steps:

Kato’s 23 Day Sit-Up Challenge 💯🔥💯

101 Sit-Ups everyday until the end of March 💥

At least once during the challenge, you must:

  1. Take a photo or video. Post, Story, or Reel it 💥

  2. Follow me on instagram and tag @katotrainmeplease 💥

  3. Tag a friend 💥

  4. Use hashtag #kato101

  5. You now have a chance to win💥

  6. At the end of 23 days you will have done 2,323 SIT-UPS 💥

  7. After your 2,323rd sit-up is complete, make a wish and all of my positive energy will be at your disposal 💥

  8. Use it wisely 🦅💥🦅

  9. My favorite number is 23 if you hadn’t figured that out 🤣

  10. LETS WORK 💥

Check out my instagram channel for more @katotrainmeplease

Have you joined one of my LIVE Zoom classes yet? If not now's the time! Put your health and fitness first. Wednesdays @ 6pm ET/3pm PT and Saturdays @ 12pm ET/9am PT. Click here to sign up and join in with the next class. I guarantee you'll come back for more.

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