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Exploring Weight Loss Medication: Effective Aid or Easy Fix?

Updated: Apr 2

Are weight loss drugs taking the easy way out ? 

I’m going in! Let’s work! Weight-loss drugs should not be your first choice. I would consider that taking the easy way out for the simple fact that you have not made any effort. With that said, once you’ve given weight loss a legitimate shot on your own and you are unable to move the number in the right direction, a weight loss drug may be the jump start you need to begin a new healthy lifestyle. 

Easy is probably the furthest thing from reality. There is nothing easy about being overweight and there is nothing easy about having weight related diseases like type 2 diabetes. I have always heard and agree with the start being the hardest part, so you do what is necessary to start, whether that means hiring a strength coach like myself, soliciting your friends and family to hold you accountable or consulting a doctor about a weight loss drug tailored to your needs. 

For those of you who immediately put your judgement hat on and said, “yes” without thinking about the question, take a look in the mirror and analyze your own behavior. Ask yourself these questions. When it comes to building muscle, is taking protein, creatine or testosterone taking the easy way out ? Is taking a sleeping pill before bed the easy way out ? Is smoking a cigarette to relax the easy way out, is using AI in your work flow taking the easy way out and my final example, is consuming alcohol to have fun taking the easy way out ? I think you get my point. We are surrounded by examples of what others may consider to be taking the easy way out. Let us not be so critical of one another and embrace a more supportive roll in all situations. 

Now that we’ve gotten the hard question out of the way we can talk about what these weight loss drugs do and if they are a good fit for you ? 

Are weight loss medications for me ?

Weight loss drugs are for adults who have health concerns because of their weight. They are for those who have tried dieting, exercise and are still unable to shed their weight. Remember everyone is built differently and how the drug affects you will be different for everyone. They may not even work and that is contingent on your genetics and current metabolic condition. A weight loss drug will always perform better when you combine your efforts. If you do decide to take a weight loss prescription drug couple it with a nutrition plan complete with whole foods (no processed foods and low sugar), a daily exercise regimen no matter how little, a sleep schedule no matter how erratic and meditation routine. You will thank me later I promise you. 

We do not know the long term effects of a weight loss drug, though we do have 100’s and even thousands of years of empirical data that show the positive effects of a healthy diet, exercise, sleep and stress management program. 

What do weight loss medications do ?

They make you feel less hungry or make you feel fuller. They each do one or both of these things. There are few on the market that may even affect the way your body absorbs fat, but those are rare at this point.

There has never been a time when food has been this abundant and our natural reaction when we see food is to eat, so maybe you don’t know you are consuming too much food (the majority of us are) and all you need is a few weeks on a weight loss drug to create new habits and get a blueprint of how much food you should be consuming to lose weight. 

What weight loss medications DO NOT do:

You may lose weight by taking a weight loss prescription drug, but it is also important to understand what the drug will not do for you. The drug will not improve your muscle tone. It won’t build endurance, strength, bone density or joint health. It won’t help you maintain your flexibility or balance. And it will not improve your posture or increase your cognitive ability. 

These qualities are can only be improved by exercising, strength training, cardiovascular workouts, nutrition, healthy sleep, meditations, brain exercises, breathing exercises, focus and determination. So whilst you’ve taken care of the weight, there’s still work to be done to achieve a healthy and long life ahead.

The side effects of taking weight loss medications: 

  • Nausea and vomiting

  • Diarrhea

  • Belly pain

  • Headache

  • Tiredness

  • Swollen or irritated skin where the needle went in

  • Patches of darker skin

  • Unwanted sexual reactions

  • Depression

  • Suicidal thoughts

There is no guarantee that you will experience all or any of these side effects, though it is important to warn you about the possibilities. Once you have begun taking the weight loss drug of your doctor’s choice, the drug is doing what it was prescribed to do and you are able to handle the side effects, then you know you’ve chosen correctly. If the drug is not working and effecting your health in a negative way then stop. Simple as that. 

We began with the question, “Are weight loss drugs the easy way out?”, and my answer is still no because life is hard no matter what option you choose. Weigh and measure the perceived outcomes of every choice and choose which hard you are more comfortable with. If after reading this blog post you choose the drug, my advice is to balance that decision with strength training, exercise, improved nutrition, meditations and a support group or strength coach. 

“Life will never be easy. It will always be hard. But we can choose our hard. Pick wisely.” ..... Devon Brough 

I digress, let us all continue to build strength and confidence with each passing day. 

Kato 🦅

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