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“I Was Born Like This” - Genetics in Health & Fitness

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

“Your genetics load the gun. Your lifestyle pulls the trigger.”

There is a lot of new information illustrating how big a role genetics plays in what you can and can’t accomplish. SPOILER ALERT! No matter what the code in your DNA says, all of your fitness and health goals are possible. Some people have to work harder than others, that’s all.

Ultimately, genetic makeup is only one very small factor that influences our fitness and health. Other - much bigger - factors include lifestyle, diet, and exercise. While genetics may provide certain advantages or disadvantages, it is important to remember that it is our actions that have a much greater impact on our overall health and fitness. By making healthy lifestyle choices, we can maximize our potential and achieve our fitness goals, regardless of our genetic makeup.

A naturally skinny person with an ultra fast metabolism is going to have more trouble gaining weight and putting on muscle than others. Still, if that person consistently eats healthy, eats a good amount of protein, stays in a caloric surplus, lifts weights and recovers accordingly, that person will gain weight and put on muscle over time.

“I woke up like this, I woke up like this…..FLAWLESS!” - Beyoncé

When genetics DO come into play as a deciding factor, the results can be extreme. What do I mean by extreme ? The professional athlete, the doctor, the astronaut or the billionaire. No matter how hard we try or how many agility drills we perform after practice, there are times when, if we don’t have the genetic make up, it’s not going to happen. It’s hard to play in the NBA under 6’4” tall and it’s even harder to be an Olympic Gymnast over 5’7” !

The extreme success list is a short and distinguished one. Filled with those who have the discipline to make it to outer space and see the world from a different point of view. It takes the gifts we are born with and the dedication necessary to accomplish the extreme successes. Trying to accomplish the impossible without both is unlikely. The odds are similar to winning the lottery.

Since the majority of us are not trying to visit the moon, save lives or play in the Super Bowl, it is not okay to use genetics as an excuse as to why we can’t accomplish our health and fitness goals. Most of us who can’t do what we say we want to do, are just being lazy. And I mean that in the nicest way possible. Do not look at anyone else’s genetic make up and be jealous. Instead focus on what you are born with and enhance those gifts. Establish what your shortcomings are and progressively work even harder build them.

If you were born into a family of overweight people and you don’t want to be overweight, you don’t have to be. Eat clean, stay active, be consistent and nothing will in your way. Your process may take longer than others, but that doesn’t matter because you are only focused on yourself anyway right?

Focus on the outcome not the obstacle”..... Smart People Everywhere

Katotrainmeplease 🦅

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