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My 72-Hour Water Fast Experience: A Journey of Mind, Body, and Spirit

Embarking on a 72-hour water fast wasn't just a physical challenge; it was a quest to unlock the unknown within myself. What transpired ended up being more than a test of my endurance, it evolved into a journey that pushed the boundaries of my mental and physical capacities. From the initial motivation to the pre-game plan and the challenges faced during each day, this is a personal account aimed at providing both inspiration and caution to those considering a similar venture.  Keep reading as I unravel what it took and what helped me get through this intense 72-hour water fast—revealing a transformative experience that goes beyond the surface.

whole foods for soup

Disclaimer - While the journey I'm about to recount was truly remarkable, it's crucial to prioritize your well-being. If you are considering doing this fast or one similar, please consult your local physician first. This blog serves as a personal account of the past three days, emphasizing that it is not intended as a challenge. Your safety is paramount, and without proper supervision, support, or training, such a fast can pose risks. I've gained valuable insights that I'm eager to share, solely with the intention of providing information. 

What is the 24 - 72 hour water fast?

  1. The fast lasts 24 - 72 hours. Do not fast for longer than this without medical supervision.  

  2. Water only for the duration of your fast. Do not add lemon, electrolytes or carbonation or anything to your water. 

  3. Do not take or eat anything besides water. 

Benefits of a 72 Hour Water Fast

  1. Promotes cellular autophagy.

  2. Delays aging.

  3. Promotes cognitive function. 

  4. Boosts your energy.

  5. Detoxes the mind and body.

  6. Fights inflammation.

  7. Weight Loss **If weight loss is your only motivation, do not do it.

  8. It’s an exercise in discipline. 

What are the dangers of a water fast ? 

  1. Losing the wrong type of weight too quickly. 

  2. Dehydration, a lot of our water comes from the food we eat. 

  3. Feeling faint and even dizzy. 

  4. Worsen existing medical conditions. 

***Avoid water fasting if you have an eating disorder, you are pregnant, over 65, a child, or you have gout or diabetes.  

My Motivation

Right before the New Year, my best friend from California, where I am from,  hit me up with an interesting proposal: 24 - 72 hour water fast with him after the holidays. He expressed that he couldn’t find anyone else to do it with him and that he was looking for support. Without hesitation I said, “Of course!”. I had heard great things about the fast and became excited at the opportunity. 

We both began doing research, primarily about what it is and the benefits. With my knowledge as a personal trainer and health professional, we had a solid foundation. The New Year came and we checked our schedules to work out the right timing. We figured the weekend worked out best for the both of us and the plan was to have our last meals on Thursday night January 18 and the fast for 24 - 72 hours based on how we felt after each day. 24 hours at the very least was the ultimate goal and anything longer would be considered a victory our first time out. 

Pre game plan

We kicked off with a pre-game plan. Both of us practiced intermittent fasting for the week leading up to Thursday, going for 12 - 16 hours each day. We gradually scaled down our meal sizes throughout the week, making sure to stay hydrated during this pre-game process. As I prepared, my wife decided to join me in the fast, highlighting a crucial point – having a support function is incredibly helpful.

fitness trainer new york

The First 24 Hours

My final meal on Thursday evening wrapped up at precisely 8:20 pm—a piece of filet mignon and roasted broccoli. It was delicious and when the plate was clean, the clock started ticking. Until noon the next day, everything went as usual, aligning with my regular intermittent fasting schedule. Typically, at noon, I'd have bacon, eggs, and avocado for breakfast on a normal day. This signaled the official start of the game. Thankfully, a day full of back-to-back clients kept me busy. By 3 pm, I found myself cautioning each client that any perceived loopiness on my part was a result of not having eaten anything, venturing into uncharted fasting territory.

My previous record was an 18-hour fast, where I could still enjoy coffee and tea. This time, it was water-only—a far more challenging feat.  My last client started on the Upper East Side, NYC, concluded at 6:15 pm, with an additional 45 minutes of travel time, bringing me home by 7 pm. The plan was to immerse myself in work; computer, reading, and writing my book to stay busy. No sugar-coating here - I  was famished. I worked for an hour before attempting to go to bed.

However, my body revolted from within, screaming, "Hey! What do you think you're doing? You haven't fed us yet, and you think you can just fall asleep?" The night unfolded in a cycle of limited sleep, half a glass of water, and repeated attempts to rest until around 4:00 am when I decided to get up and work. Writing, typing, sipping water—I was fully focused. The laser-like concentration came in waves, and I rode each one. A brief nap ensued before my first client at 8:15 am on Saturday morning, marking the commencement of Day 2!


Day 2

I went into the second day much more prepared. Day one had taught me the lesson of pacing my water intake - I’d felt as if I drank too much water too fast - whereas on day 2 I was more comfortable sipping gradually. The hunger vanished, replaced by a distinct sensation—I was in ketosis, autophagy had initiated, and I felt a vibrating energy. My movements became intentional, deliberate, cruising on a path of clarity. I made a pre-fasting decision to document the journey, sharing updates on Instagram that fueled me with questions, comments, inspiration, and even concerns. It was all fuel and motivation to march on. At this point, my stomach seemed attached to my back, almost as if it knew  we weren't in need of assistance. Riding waves of energy from who knows where, I carried on until I was home around 6 pm. 

When times got hard, I turned to meditation, intensifying it as things got harder. Back home, my meticulously planned schedule included a crucial football game - my team was in the playoffs - Saturday night at 8:15 pm. Kickoff was precisely 5 minutes prior to the 48-hour mark—distracting me for a significant 2.5-hour chunk of time. I meditated during commercial breaks for both myself and my team, and guess what? We won! Go NINERS! Haha!

Although day one left me sleep-deprived, I stayed up until midnight on day 2, making sleep come effortlessly. Despite a restful night, I knew hydration was essential. Deep sleep was interrupted by a desert dry thirst, but this time, it was expected, and I was prepared and comfortable with it. Sweating during sleep, coupled with an empty stomach, emphasized the importance of water. At the 48-hour mark, my wife and friend in California opted to eat. Day 3 awaited, and I was on my own—depending on how you view it.


Day 3

If I were to teach a class on conquering a 72-hour water fast, I would say 24 hours for the body, 48 hours for the mind and 72 hours for the spirit. Undertaking a water fast beyond 24 hours  you must have a reason besides weight loss or health benefits. You need a deeper motivation—a sense of the spiritual process that allows you to envision through your third eye, because day 3 is next level!

It was like walking through a fog so bright I had to squint a little and focus to walk through it. In tune with external energies and adept at harnessing them, every sound in the bustling streets of NYC became a symphony.  I have been a pray - er my entire life and it was great to pray in this state of vibration.The fact that I could still hear and see served as the energy and motivation propelling me forward. Despite feeling freezing, I wasn't cold, and despite being hungry, I was never hungry—my focus solely on the present moment and from that moment forth. If you know what you want it’s easy. 

I had my day planned to the T. I was going to sleep late, drop off my laundry, go to Whole Foods, pick up my laundry, prepare my veggie soup dinner by chopping vegetables for an hour and a half, go for a walk, meditation, a one hour nap and more meditation. I did everything except sleep in. At 7:00 am, I found myself reading and writing, astounded by my unwavering focus from nothing but water.

Entering this journey with personal purpose and determination, I sought answers to specific questions, fulfillment of desires, and wishes. As I mentioned earlier, you need a reason beyond mere health benefits. Discover your "why" and make the ultimate sacrifice to attain those answers and desires. While health benefits provided motivation, my ultimate driving force was you. If you're reading this, know that I did it for you and to share this blog post. As a trainer, stopping at 24, 36, 48, or even 60 hours into a 24 - 72 hour water fast was not an option. Every moment required reflection, and my commitment persisted for your sake.

The underlying message is clear: beyond the physical and mental challenges, a water fast is a spiritual exploration, requiring a profound reason to endure. The commitment to share this journey was fueled by a dedication to you,  emphasizing the significance of finding purpose beyond the health benefits. The journey was not just a personal endeavor; it was a testament to the strength of purpose, resilience, and the ultimate sacrifice for growth and self-discovery.


Below are some tips, cautions, and data points of the amounts of water I consumed and my first few meals for those interested.  If you have any questions or comments, please share them below or email me at


  • You must pay close attention to your body as you move through the later hours. Constantly check in with your mind and body. Ask yourself, Where is my energy level? Am I thinking straight ? Am I hydrated enough ? Am I over hydrated ?, etc…

  • During sleep you’ll need water as well. Plan on waking up every few hours to have a few sips of water. 

  • Intermittent fast for 5 -7 days prior to starting as a warm up. 

  • A healthy lifestyle complete with whole foods, proper nutrition and strength training will help  to stay disciplined throughout the fast. 

  • Meditation is key. 

  • Sip the water throughout the day, no gulping. 

  • Most people drink just under a gallon of water a day. I drank 1.5 gallons of water per day all 3 days. It is  important to keep checking in with your body to gauge this properly. 

  • Everything is temporary, the process moves in waves of pleasure and pain. 

  • Don’t mistake feeling different for feeling weak. 

  • Have a reason other than health to take on the task. 

  • 24 hours for the body, 48 hours for the mind and 72 hours to strengthen the spirit should be your game plan.  

Water Tracker

  • 40 Ounces 6am 

  • 85 Ounces 8:30am 

  • 105 Ounces 10:30

  • 130 Ounces 12:30pm 

  • 170 Ounces 3:00pm 

  • 190 Ounces 8:30pm 

  • Day 2 

  • 50 ounces 6:45am 

  • 100 ounces 10:30am 

  • 150 ounces 1:30pm 

  • 175 ounces 5:45pm 

  • 215 ounces 11:00pm 

  • Day 3 

  • 50 ounces 7:45am 

  • 90 ounces NOON 

  • 130 ounces 3:30pm 

  • 150 ounces 4:45pm 

FOOD - Day 1

  • Beef Bone Broth

  • Sea Moss

  • Veggie Soup

  • Toasted Bread 

  • Berries 

  • Oranges 

  • Bread 

FOOD -Day 2 

  • Celery Jiuce

  • Soup

  • Sea Moss

  • Berries 

  • Chicken Broth 

  • Blueberries 

  • Lentils

  • Raw Cashews 

  • Veggie Soup

  • Bread

  • Avocado 

FOOD -Day 3 

  • Sea Moss

  • Green Juice 

  • 4 Scrambled eggs 

  • Blueberries

vegetable soup prep

It hit me at Monday 3pm exactly! I could sleep right then and there. I had some lentils and raw cashews to get me through the rest of the day.

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Thanks for taking the time to document and share you experience. Super helpful, inspiring, and motivating.


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Amazing! And an inspiration!


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