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Is it OK to eat bread?

Updated: Feb 5, 2023


As a personal trainer, I’m also the go to guy for questions about what to eat and nutrition. My New York clients love their bagels and sandwiches- so a question I hear all the time is “is it ok to eat bread?

Bread, especially white bread lacks in nutrients. It is short of fiber and you are not receiving any wholesome grains. To get your nutrients look for breads made from whole grains.

Bread also contains a large amount of salt. You can combat this by making your own bread at home with less salt.

Eating too much bread will make you gain weight. The combination of carbs, salt, refined sugar and preservatives will get that scale to tick upward. Eating bread moderately is okay, especially when you go after the healthier options.

Lastly, it just is not a real wholesome meal choice. You will not feel satisfied after eating because it is not filling.

In the end you probably should not be eating bread. Though, if you must, I recommend Ezekiel Bread.


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